7 Steps To Improve The Value Of Your Home

We have all seen popular television shows that showcase home renovations where the end product adds tremendous amounts of value to the home. In extreme cases a home is stripped of its character, oftentimes due to damage and remolded completely. In milder cases modern elements are added to a dated home including heated bathroom tiles, window treatments controlled by a remote, or a kitchen fit for a top chef. 

Properly remolding a home can add value to your home when it comes time to sell but that doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to make a return on your investment. When a homeowner begins inspecting their home for cosmetic changes that not only update their home but also could potentially add value, they tend to overlook the small things and focus on the bigger projects. With television shows showcasing major home transformations it’s easy to think that updating your home will be a long, drawn out, expensive process. Get loans from Unsecuredloans4u.co for improving your home.

We want you to know that updating your home doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out, expensive process. Selling your home is no easy feat and we understand the amount of time invested during the preparation of the selling and moving process. We’ve put together a list to help you add value to your home without taking a bite out of your wallet or time:

  1.    Invest in a pressure washer. Pressure washers are like time machines. They can make your brick patio, back deck, and siding of your home look like new.
  2.    Natural colors. You may have to break apart from your favorite accent wall in turquoise, but homebuyers gravitate more towards natural colors because they’re less distracting. When homebuyers are in the market they are looking for a place that they can see themselves in. Having a blank slate allows them to better picture where they’ll put the Picasso print or fur rug. By also adding ceiling wood trim painted a glossy white you’ll add a “wow” factor. This kind of trim is found in newer homes and something homebuyers notice.
  3.    Add curb appeal. Curb appeal can be the first thing that gets prospected homebuyers in the door. Especially if your home isn’t in an incredibly sought after district you can still make homebuyers fall in love with your home with emergency home solutions laguna niguel. Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to update your home so don’t be afraid to slather on a coat or two on the shutters and the front door to make them pop. Be sure to clean up or add to your landscaping. If you have a bald spot in the front yard, plant a few flowering shrubs and a nice pot of flowers near the door never hurt.
  4.    Out with the brass. Brass is dated and an easy fix. Swap out old brass knobs with up-to-date ones. This also includes light fixtures. If you’re on a tight budget spray a coat of spray paint over both indoor and outdoor light fixtures. (Be sure to use an outdoor safe paint when updating any outdoor light fixtures.)
  5.    Create space. Everyone loves a big room and even if a room isn’t that big, it’s still possible to maximize the space. Invest in storage that also doubles as seating and store away your CD collection and de-clutter your bookshelf. Maximize your counter space in your kitchen by storing away things that aren’t used everyday like your convection oven.
  6.    Install modern light switches and outlet covers. Even if the wiring in your home isn’t as new as your home appears to be, new light switches and outlet covers will give the impression that it is. Be cautious when doing so because if you replace outlets with the three-prong type wile the wiring is for two prongs, it means it’s not grounded and the inspectors company will catch this.
  7.    Hang new curtains and blinds. Overtime the sunlight fades the color of your curtains and blinds so purchasing new ones will make a better impression.