Post 3 :: Should You Get a Home Inspection When Selling Your Home?

We’ve talked about why getting a home inspection when buying a home is important, but have you ever thought about getting a home inspection on your own home? You may think that it’s the potential buyer’s responsibility to get an inspection, but you should think about it, too, when selling your home. According to, getting a home inspection when selling your home could give you the edge in a competitive market. offers the benefits of getting a pre-inspection when selling your home and frankly, we couldn’t agree more:

  1. Reassure Prospective Buyers
    Buyers rarely know what to expect when it comes to a home inspection. Before we even set foot in the home to do an inspection, we don’t even know what we’re going to find. By getting a pre-inspection before putting your home on the market, prospective buyers will be able to rest easy and more likely put in a bid, even if they don’t waive their follow-up inspection.

  2. Buy Time and Save Money
    With a pre-inspection you’ll know what needs to be fixed and will be able to figure out the two most important elements when you’re talking about real estate in a competitive market: time and money. Say you didn’t have a pre-inspection and a fault was found during the buyer’s initial inspection. You may only have a few days to decide whether to make the repair or adjust the sale price. With a pre-inspection you’ll have more time to address problems and their treatment options.

  3. Know Where You Stand
    Once you put your home on the market you generally have a final selling price in mind. If a major problem was to occur during a buyer’s initial inspection, you may be forced to drop your final figure. By getting a pre-inspection, you’ll know what a buyer might request, allowing you to set your asking price accordingly.

  4. Prevent Repeat Repairs
    Like we mentioned in our last post, some things you just cannot do it yourself. This is extremely true in home improvement cases. You not only run the risk of not properly fixing a problem but also misdiagnosing a problem. Getting a pre-inspection could help you avoid wasting money on unnecessary repairs.